Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Your SHTF Secluded Bug Out Property

Need a place to bug out???

BUT you don’t have the Time?
Don’t have the money?
Don’t have the knowledge to build a self-sufficient place yourself?
And if you did have something by yourself or just for your family, how long could you last in your place on your own?
How about an inexpensive, multi-person with multiple skills, self-sufficient living arrangement?
A place for you and your family to go that you know will be already up and running, fully maintained with rooms and supplies waiting for your arrival when you need to bug out.
Not only do you have a secluded Bug Out Place.
You have a place to go twice a year for vacation in a resort community.
Think of it as a time share with a limited number of members based on rooms available.
How about a place that can potentially pay you back money back when your room is rented during normal business operations?
There will be several remote but convenient locations around the US.
We currently have several opportunities available in our 1st location in the Ozark Mountains.

Other locations around the US will be built after a certain number of suitable people have shown interest into a location.
Further information is available in the different tabs.
If you require additional information Contact us Trough FaceBook or E-Mail. Meeio442@yahoo.com



  1. Interested in helping out in exchange for a place to bug out to.

    Facebook jason.Foster.144734

    1. Sure, all are welcome, I will contact you with more details.