All members at each location will mainly be chosen by skill set first. Having too many people in one specialty will not make for a strong group. You can’t have too many people in the medical industry and not enough mechanical people. No one will be turned away due to lack of any certain skills.

We will not give out a list of all the specialties. We need people to be honest with their knowledge and skill set. But an example would be medical professional, mechanical/ electrical, survivalist/military experience…. Etc.….
Filling out the application completely and with as much detail as possible will give you a better chance at filling an available spot quickly. No application form exists at this time until requests can't be handled individually.

All members will be given a chance to earn income on their room when rented out during normal business operations. When your room is rented out during normal business operations you will receive a percentage of the money collected for rent.
All members will have two weeks of vacation time each year where you can meet other members.

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